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The campaign's mission is to increase the awareness of the need for greater hearing protection for call centre and office employees and to raise money to fund research into the causes and effects of telephonic noise interference.

We are issuing a challenge to employers of call centre staff to donate £1 per agent or telephony operative up to a maximum level*. Your logo will appear on the campaign website and show your staff that you "care about hearing".

What is the purpose of the Campaign?

The purpose of the We Care About Hearing Campaign is to raise money for the much-needed research into the causes and effects of noise interference and acoustic shock on telephone and headset users. Cases continue to rise and there are not enough answers. It’s as simple as that. No other organisation presently has the impetus, diverse skill base, support or funding avenues to carry out this venture. The research results will be used to improve the knowledge of hearing related sickness and injury, acoustic shock syndrome and the impact of long-term headset use in an occupational context.

Where does your money go and how do we maximise it’s value?

All the money raised will go to the Acoustic Safety Programme and will be used to further the cause and effect research being carried out by the ASP Research Partnership - the leading organisation in this field supported by the Dti, CWU and CCMA. Every pound you contribute will be matched by Government and Industry Sponsor money. The ASP Research Partnership has a Management Board and a Research Advisory Board who operate on strict ethics guidelines and in accordance with the agreed protocol. You can learn more about who is on these boards by logging into their web section:

What’s in it for me?

The knowledge generated from the research will help us work with industry to improve technology and occupational health prevention and treatment solutions, to benefit business and employees alike. In return for your contribution to the research and support of the ‘We Care About Hearing’ Campaign you will automatically be given a user name and password. You can use this to access and download certain information, guidance and certain publications, at no cost. You will also receive regular updates on research and testing progress plus occasionally be invited to participate in questionnaires and perhaps even the research project itself. You can opt out of any of these benefits if you wish

How do you join up?

Your support will be demonstrated with your logo which will appear on the 'We Care About Hearing' support page.

*There is a mimimum donation of between £1 for 1 employee working on a phone and up to a maximum of £1,000 for 1,000 employees or more, however ASP would be delighted if you would donate a discretionary sum above that or the total £1/employee to meet the full challenge if you employ over this number. The online support form and donation structure will be launched imminently.

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