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Acoustic Safety Programme - Occupational Health & Safety Services

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Acoustic Safety Process

  1. WE provide proactive solutions to minimize the risk of Acoustic injury in the Call Centre environment
    • Pre-employment Audiometric Screening to benchmark the new employee's hearing.
    • Noise Assessments - Using DSP engineering for line noise monitoring and dosage evaluations as well as Analogue systems for ambient noise assessments.
    • Independent equipment testing and guidance with the ASP Research Partnership.
    • Train your staff with the Acoustic Safety Programme e-learning course, which increases awareness and decreases risk and false claims.
    • An On-line post incident reporting system that helps the employer meet legislative requirements and remedy the situation for the member of staff and the company as quickly and efficiently as possible.
    • A Specialist Occupational Health solution for post incident support services using our UK-wide network of leading Physicians and Clinical Audiologists specialising in acoustic injury.
    • Independent advice on technology requirements and solutions.

Specialist Occupational Health Services

We provide the UK's only comprehensive range of specialist professionally qualified diagnosis, treatment and audiology services for acoustic shock syndrome and noise related injury. Reputable physicians and audiologists specializing in acoustic injury deliver this service as well as providing advice on call centre related conditions such as stress, anxiety, phobias, tinnitus, and clinical depression. The primary commercial application of our service is to call centres.

Specialist Health & Safety Services

We provide the UK's leading Call Centre acoustics and noise related industrial, engineering and equipment specialists in a combined service which both establishes your risk levels and provides preventive solutions, advice and implementation.

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